Moodle Overview

The development of the Internet and its applications determined an increase of the role of computer-based instruments in the learning process. This is the reason why educational institutions have an increasing need to use virtual learning environments (VLE), namely an electronic learning platform that accompanies the traditional teaching-learning-assessment process. As a result, a series of applications appeared, having the role to enable the integral management of the on-line learning process, as well as the blended learning-type applications.
Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.
the MOODLE system constitutes itself as a virtual learning environment (VLE), where the learning process is completed online, representing a software open source and is destined to support a collaborative learning environment. It constitutes a new learning framework, based on the constructivist pedagogy where both teaching staff and students meet, complete collaborative activities and create information.

Moodle can be successfully used both in the educational system, and in private or public institutions. Moodle can be used in universities in various purposes, both in full-time and part-time learning, e-learning or blended learning, both in the initial and continuous formation.

This e-learning platform provides users with a series of communication facilities, such as forum, chat and message system, wiki space and so on. By means of forums we can communicate in a nonsynchronised manner, which can enable students to communicate with their mates or their professors at any time, provided an Internet connection exists.
The forum discussions can be related to general interest topics or can be focused on a certain topic, where any user can initiate a discussion. Unlike forum, the Chat system provides the opportunity of synchronised, real-time communication between the users on the course platform. By the message system, private communication between users is completed.

In Moodle, wiki is a space where students can complete collaborative activities. Ideal for being used in groups, it can be used in seminar or project activities. Among the advantages of using this platform in learning activities, we can identify the following:
• Teaching staff have a more facile contact with the students that applied for the course, by the virtual classes created.
• A space where students’ data can be easily dealt with (virtual secretariat) may be constituted.
• It provides knowledge assessment and self-assessment opportunities by online testing.
• It enables good communication and socializing between trainees and teaching staff.